Welcome to Cal Poly SWIFT

SWIFT's Mission

We are Students with an Interest in the Future of Technology, we are the premier information technology and security organization at Cal Poly Pomona. We aim to inspire and create a generation of students who are aware and capable of dealing with the dynamic landscape of information security, cyber security, and information technology. Together we can build a secure future through training, experience, and education. Let's work together to create and learn something new. Don't just take our word for it. Whether you are an industry professional or a curious student, take a look at our previous events. While you're at it, come to one of our unique workshops, trainings, or conferences and become part of SWIFT.

What we do

Being a part of SWIFT is much more then being a part of an organization. SWIFT is a community. We believe strongly in providing students with opportunities that can be obtained nowhere else and help build skills through on-campus and off-campus events. As such, we believe in providing and understanding the skills required to excel in the industry through workshops and activities that build skills and friendships.

Throughout the year SWIFT runs weekly meetings alternating between workshop trainings and discussions providing students a way to build up their skills in an alternating cycle of meetings.

Additionally, SWIFT runs workshops and trainings on all aspects of System Administration and Cyber Security including:

  • Three Part Cyber Defense Workshops
  • Linux Administration Workshops
  • Offensive Workshops (Red Teaming / Attack) Workshops
  • and more!

These events supplement weekly training and our large conference events that take place at least once a quarter.

Throughout the years SWIFT has kept current with the fluid pace of technology and industry. It is our goal to both continue these efforts, as well as expand and contribute back to the community. We teach the skills to use computer systems and the skills necessary to learn new systems. In an age when technology changes on a weekly basis, we strive to keep members informed and equipped to thrive in such an environment.

Mitchell Tamblyn
Systems Administrator, SWIFT


SWIFT holds weekly general meetings with both in-house and external speakers. These meetings cover relevant topics in computer and technology industries. Live demos of software and hardware are common. In addition to the weekly meetings, SWIFT hosts a number of free workshops that teach a variety of skills including Linux installation, network security, and penetration testing. These workshops are hands-on and are designed to let members get hands-on experience with real technology. We also host social events such as a quarterly LAN party.

In order to excel at the skills needed, we encourage our members to attend and run workshops and events. Through these exchange of knowledge we build skills and form partnerships far beyond the campus to the industry and professionals at large. We have a long history of starting, running events, and that are known for their in-depth nature and cover the full breadth of the industry. SWIFT members are able to attend conferences like SCALE, the Southern California Linux Expo.