Frequently Asked Questions

  • SWIFT is open to EVERYONE. Any major, any grade level, any amount of experience - you name it, we want YOU!

  • The best way to join the learning and fun is to show up to our weekly, in-person meetings and workshops. Between weekly meetings and workshops, an always-active Discord, and several other events sprinkled throughout the semster (like Tech Symposium and RvB), there’s always something to do to get involved in SWIFT. Additionally, SWIFT is always looking for more hands to join in on our projects so just ask!

  • The Swintern (SWIFT Intern) program is an opportunity for students to get exposure to all the aspects of SWIFT as a club. Swinterns have opportunities to work in any SWIFT department, but responsibilities vary based on each Swintern’s skills and interests. Examples include creating graphics, creating presentations and workshops, participating in R&D, and much more. Swintern applications usually open during the last few months of every semester.