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Bring your computer (laptop/desktop), monitor, ethernet cable, and anything else you may need.
We’ll provide the food.

Counter Strike
League of Legends
Magic The Gathering
Super Smash Bros Melee
Team Fortress 2

WHERE: 98C – p2 007
WHEN: Friday, May 30th @ 6:00PM
WHY: Play games, FREE Pizza!

scale 12xJust a reminder that SCaLE 12x, the 12th Annual Southern California Linux Expo, is coming up! This event takes place February 21-23, 2014 at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport hotel.

Go read more about it at

Join SWIFT in attending this great conference all about Linux and Open Source software! Come to our meetings to find out how you can sign up. Cost is only $30 for members (and this includes hotel)!

If you’ve got some photos you’d like to share of SWIFT at past SCaLE events, e-mail them to

Here are a few photos from SCaLE 10x, courtesy of yours truly.


Outside of SCaLE 10x

During a talk at SCaLE10x

During a talk at SCaLE10x

Playing a game at SCaLE10x

Playing a game at SCaLE10x


Don’t forget to reserve your tickets at

We will be in Building 162.

  • Talks will be held in 1001.
  • Workshops will be held in 1002.

Here is the schedule!

Talks Workshops
Time Topic Speaker(s) Topic Speaker(s)
10am Keynote Gaten
11am From Red Team to Blue Team Kos Hardware Hacking Zach
12-2pm Lunch Panel/Q&A Zach, James, Davie
2pm Virtualization and Datacenter Matt Wobser Radio jbest
3pm Networking Nightmare Davie Wirecrimping Alejandro, rainbows
4pm Closing


Broncos, welcome to a brand new quarter at Cal Poly Pomona!

SWIFT 20th Anniversary

SWIFT will be celebrating 20 years this upcoming October 26th, 2013, 10:00AM to 5:30pm. You won’t want to miss it, so be sure to mark your calendars and reserve your tickets now!

Register at


Come to the 20th Anniversary of SWIFT to learn and help celebrate 20 years of our club! Come out to enjoy great talks and tasty food with industry professionals and students in the computer field.

We will be having talks and workshops on a variety of topics. Keynote by former CCDC Captain Sean McAllister and talks by Kyle Osborne, Matt Wobser, and David Hunter. We will also have workshops on Hardware Hacking, Amateur Radio, Tamper Evident, and Wire Crimping.


Speakers Workshops
SWIFT 20th Keynote Hardware Hacking
Security Talk Wireless and Radio
Lunch, Q&A, Panel Tamper Evident Workshop
Virtualization and the Datacenter Wire Crimping
Networking Nightmare (Or how to do enterprise at home)

Joel Salas, a former CPP student, came to speak on Configuration Management and how to leverage that in setting up a small web service.. “Joel Salas was born on this planet some time ago and now he builds big systems for money. He is rumored to have some knowledge of systems engineering and automation, but these allegations have never been verified.”

Check out the video recording below.

For Week 5, Carlos Peláez from CoalFire spoke on his experiences in auditing in telecommunications. He wrote a quick synopsis of the case study that he has put together:

“When asked to audit a telecommunication company in Papua New Guinea, I had to apply my 10+ years in IT compliance and my CISA credentials to quickly get a handle on a $130M+ annual revenue juggernaut. From drawing up network diagrams, inventorying all switches, tracing call detail records from the initial authorization through to final billing, and finally putting it all together to identify if the system was working as intended. Year 1 resulted in identifying $3M+ in revenue leakage and the Year 2 in $10M+ fraudulent overstatement. This case study will look at the overall revenue assurance process that holds together the system and will provide real-world, actual data when understanding the problems identified at this client.”

Here is a real world example of telecom and how important it can be.

If you missed the SWIFT meeting for Week 3 of Spring Quarter, check it out below.

We had Ara Kourchians speak on his High Altitude Balloon project and all of the technical challenges that were involved, including APRS signals, cellular trackers and the environmental testing required to ensure the equipment would work properly at 100,000 ft.