• New Members Welcome!
    Hello Broncos! Whether you’re a new, renewing, or prospective member, we welcome you to SWIFT for a new year of studies.

  • Come to our Open Meetings
    SWIFT general meetings are Tuesdays from 12-1pm in CBA 162 room 1001

  • Compete
    Test out your technical and soft skills! Join one of our teams for competitions.

What is SWIFT?

Students with an Interest in the Future of Technology is the premier information technology and security organization at Cal Poly Pomona. We aim to inspire and create a generation of students who are aware and capable of dealing with the dynamic landscape of information security, cyber security, and information technology. Together we can build a secure future through training, experience, and education.


Come to our weekly meetings where we present and discuss topics focusing on cyber security, networking, system administration, and automation. We host peers and industry leaders in the field to give our members an insight to the professional world of technology.


We hold basic and advanced weekly workshops cover topics such as using Linux, internet of things, and network forensics, an annual on-campus, student-run conference, Tech Symposium, and a quarterly LAN party, Frag Nite, held in conjunction with CPP E-Sports.


Take your skill to the next level with challenges that put you up against the best in the field. Apply your skills building defensive networks, or be offensive and attack them. Our CCDC team will train you from the ground up.


If you like learning new topics, solving problems, breaking things, being with fellow hackers, get involved! Our membership provides you with resources to enhance your college experience and your professional outlook. Sign up today!

Attend a SWIFT Meeting!

SWIFT general meetings occur Tuesdays from 12pm to 1pm and Fridays from 6pm to 8pm in this Zoom link: https://cpp.zoom.us/j/84364896369